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SCP-[----] Bloody Mess
Item Number: SCP-[----] "Bloody Mess"
Object Class: SAFE
Special Containment Procedure: Samples of SCP-[----] are to be held a hermetically sealed case #[4902] in Site-[73] biohazard vault. It is only to be removed by LVL-2 researchers or higher for the purposes of testing. Due to item's properties there is no risk of containment breach.
Description : SCP-[----] is a previously unknown chemical agent. When introduced to the bloodstream it serves as a strong and permanent anticoagulant. Effectively shutting down the natural soft tissue healing process of organisms affected by it, eventually resulting increased risk of fatality from internal & external bleeding.
SCP-[----] was discovered after a series of unusual deaths occurred from individuals in [Columbus], New Mexico. [14] deaths all from bleeding out from minor injuries due to acute hemophilia. What was unusual was that none of these individuals were ever diagnosed with hemophilia. [UIU] FBI agents discov
:iconsaeter:Saeter 0 0
Kevin Sorbo (Hercules) and I. by Saeter Kevin Sorbo (Hercules) and I. :iconsaeter:Saeter 0 9 Ras Algethi by Saeter Ras Algethi :iconsaeter:Saeter 1 32 Uriel Qin, Phyrexian Heretic by Saeter Uriel Qin, Phyrexian Heretic :iconsaeter:Saeter 17 17
Mature content
Chronicles of Nobody :iconsaeter:Saeter 2 16
The Chronicles of Nobody
This is a teaser of great things to come. Specifically The Chronicles of Nobody.
Which is the sordid adventures of Sir Justin Nobody. A misfortunate librarian to be named Nobody would go on to discover a magnificent device that transcends time & space. Allowing him to see amazing new worlds beyond his humble home and meet fascinating strange people.
He'll travel through the nine circles of hell while attempting to win over the hearts of 98 demonic sisters. Evade the pursuits of silent gentlemen. Exploring an incredible city completely automated with the percision of a Swiss watch. Is caught in the middle of a battle between three alchemists competing to create a perfect being. Visit the greatest and most dangerous carnival in the multiverse...and more.
:iconsaeter:Saeter 2 2
The scene is a small suburban town, population 2,784.  A fifteen car pile up has the local authorities are attempting to control the situation.
Enter Hank Everyman also known as the town hero The Good Samaritan. Literally leaping to action he asks; “What can I do to help?”
“We have most of the civilians safely out but there is somebody trapped underneath a car!” A fireman replies.
Just as he finishes the sentence a nearby vehicle explodes and set the vehicle with the trapped person on fire.
“It’s going to blow! Get down!” Yelled out another fireman.
Hank was built like a star quarterback and the good looks of any cliché blond hair, blue eyed, square jawed super hero.  Hank was a gifted individual for his greater than human strength, speed, and reflexes. With another great leap he cleared the nearly thirty feet distance between him and the enflamed vehicle. He immediately ducked
:iconsaeter:Saeter 1 0
Til My Dying Breath
My mind has nothing but contempt for the contraditcting nature of my heart.
I know the fact that I'am, and always will be alone,
but deep inside lies an undying ember of hope.
The unyeilding desire to find another.
No matter what I tell myself differently,
no matter how hard I try to kill it.
Drown it in sorrow,
strangle it with pain,
numb it with indifference.
I fear that it will remain smoldering,
Til My Dying Breath.
:iconsaeter:Saeter 5 16
HELLBOUND by Saeter HELLBOUND :iconsaeter:Saeter 2 9 Hybrid by Saeter Hybrid :iconsaeter:Saeter 11 23 Between Good and Evil by Saeter Between Good and Evil :iconsaeter:Saeter 2 4 What the guys want by Saeter What the guys want :iconsaeter:Saeter 0 15 What the girls want. by Saeter What the girls want. :iconsaeter:Saeter 0 3 Old Works:AmethystDan colored by Saeter Old Works:AmethystDan colored :iconsaeter:Saeter 0 0 Dreams of Dark Passion by Saeter Dreams of Dark Passion :iconsaeter:Saeter 0 7 Fallen by Saeter Fallen :iconsaeter:Saeter 0 2

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United States
Current Residence: Surf shack in Jersey
Favourite genre of music: Rock in general don't care too much about dividing it into subgenres.
Favourite photographer: ?
Favourite style of art: I like the japanese and european styles mixed together.
Operating System: ?
MP3 player of choice: ipod
Shell of choice: Shotgun
Wallpaper of choice: Whatever art is more bitchin than my last wallpaper.
Skin of choice: Someone elses
Favourite cartoon character: Zorak and GIR
Personal Quote: ...


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Koshej Featured By Owner May 11, 2017
I'd reply to DOT, if I was capable of.
He seemingly still thinks that free speech is only valid for the side he is on, apparently.
Saeter Featured By Owner May 12, 2017
Replying on my profile doesn't really help that matter.
Koshej Featured By Owner May 12, 2017
I can still "SMS" him via yourself, lol. :p
Koshej Featured By Owner May 11, 2017
If a guy comes to me and tells me to disobey something God already called forbidden, on the grounds that "he is a prophet" - I'll flip him off and go on my way.
If he starts performing open miracles "to prove his point", I'll grab my camera and get ready to win a Youtube award.
...After still flipping this loser off and going on my way, loool.
You guys apparently are extremely ignorant of Maimonides and his easy-as-3.14 explanation on WHY you can't PRETEND to be a "prophet", if you ARE NOT.
Well, you CAN TRY - but you'd FAIL the moment you encounter anyone INTELLIGENT and KNOWLEDGEABLE.
Stop judging Judaism by the same standards as those fanbases that take filler over canon. :p
Ciao! :D
I can't believe that you are being so cowardly about all of this. Still reading the P&R forums yet thinking that you can covertly give your two cents by posting your replies on people's user pages. Why? What is the point? Every time that you do this your post gets shared on the thread anyways. You really have no reason for this whole roundabout method just so that you don't have to retract your big rage quit moment. If you want to comment on the forum threads, then comment on the forum threads. If you still think that they are a big waste of time, then don't read them and don't comment on them through people's user pages.
Koshej Featured By Owner May 11, 2017
I win by receiving about 80% LESS unnecessary trolling IN RESPONSE to my posts.
I still do get the RESPONSE of the ones I'm actually addressing in the first place, lol.
If you call that winning, then you are more pathedic than I imagined. You really are a coward, trying to hide your comments from the general public simply because widdle ol' Bubbula can't handle all of the big mean internet trolls disagreeing with him. Remember, my dear hypocrite, that your big rage quit moment happened because you made yet another childish call out thread which no one took your side on. So for someone who hides in fear of the big bad internet trolls, you are still a troll yourself.
(1 Reply)
Saeter Featured By Owner May 11, 2017
I thought you quit the forums? Why are you replying to a post of mine from their?
Koshej Featured By Owner May 11, 2017
Also, I'm a free man in a free world - I can start posting even there again any time I'd decided to.
Probably still not too soon, though.
Freedom of speech is one thing, no one here is say that you cannot give your opinion. The question is why you are being so childish about where you post your opinion. Is there a reason you are afraid to post directly on the forum threads?
(1 Reply)
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