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Matthew 7:13"Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it. 14"For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it.

So in my most recent argument with resident christian zealot Maddmatt over an accurate metaphor for christianity. After a bit of back and forth he mentions that it is a bridge that believers cross merrily unto "life", whereas everyone else is walking off a cliff unto destruction. Which I actually liked and took to providing more accurate description being: 

We are standing on one cliff side which is the mortal coil which we all experience. On the other side off the cliff are the promises of religion. The thing is that the bridge to cross it has to be taken entirely on faith because it's invisible and you wont reach it until you die. A narrow invisible crossing most likely without railing.
And all you have to tell where to step is the words of some guy that he's standing in front of the bridges gate.
The problem is that there are hundreds of guys all along the cliff side saying that where they are standing is the path to cross.
They are also sure to mention that the side we're standing on is going to collapse at any moment. Oh, and for almost all of them there's a toll.

So what do you guys feel about that description?
This is partially a response to Greta Christina's question as to why more men make up the majority demographic (particularly white men). 

An interesting response that immediately came to my mind is simply because of white male privilege. Of course there are those who deny that white privilege exist and some who deny male privilege. The thing is it does exist and I as a white hispanic male have benefited from it. It's certainly a problem with society but I'm not faulting anyone for it. 

To get a better understanding I am a rather light skinned Puerto Rican male (mostly because I hate going outside in the sun) with brown hair but just as important because my first language is English I never developed the Latin accent. Because of this my ethnicity has only ever come up as a passing curiosity over my Spanish sounding last name as my first name is Christian (ironic as I'm an anti-theist).

My younger brother on the other hand is dark skinned with black hair and a Spanish sounding first name. His features though a not too distinct though but simply because of the color of his skin he is immediately mistaken for numerous dark skinned ethnicities ranging from Indian, Arab & Somoan to of course Mexican and that's before even hearing his name. 

I happened to have lived in a rather affluent neighborhood in New Jersey for a couple of years. I had an apartment that I was able to rent because I was in the Coast Guard and it's price was discounted for members. The type of place where cops regularly did rounds due to the money generated there.

My brother moved in about a year after I did. Then entire time I lived there I went about on foot or on bike because I didn't own a car. I tended to wear camo pants and a hoody most of the time because the place was cold most of the year not once had anyone ever said a thing to me about it even as I was carrying boxes (from my move) to the recycling because the garbage truck didn't pick up cardboard. 
One day while I was at work I told my brother to get rid of the cardboard boxes from a delivery I recently got.
So he's on his way there and he get's stopped by the police. They start asking him question about where he was going where'd he come from. Luckily for my brother that the officer was a reservist that worked every other weekend at the station I was at and knew me. When he realized that he was my brother and let him go. Had it been anyone else they would have taken my brother into custody as he didn't have any documentation of residency until I could vouch for him.
All because the color of his skin.

So there have been clear distinctions between our life experience based on that one factor alone. One for which we have been able to witness in the presence of each other.

So anyone claiming that white privilege is a myth is full of it.

Onto my response to Greta Christina's question I would say that it is at least partially a result due to white male privilege. 
As white males make up a demographic with the most advantageous position to hold contrarian opinions. White males have historically had the easiest access to education and the social liberty and cultural autonomy to question the world around them without as much fear of rebuke.

In juxtaposition women have only had any true power in society within the last 100 years, the African American community within the last 50 and the smaller minorities along with them. A primary incentive was equal access to education.

It is 2014 and people are still afraid to express their opinions that go against the mainstream religious views. Why well this has to do with an individuals circumstances. Due to the gentrification of the civil rights movement in promoting the church's involvement and ignoring the secular members of the movement, it is counted as a religious and primarily "christian" effort (ignoring the muslim members as well). This presents a large portion of the black community that by identifying as anything other than christian or muslim is a betrayal of what ended segregation.

As for women due to social pressures which promote certain gender identity which tends to shun female intellectuals. Women are lead to believe that "men don't like smart women". This is exacerbated by internet communities problem with anonymity emboldening individuals to post some heinous things. Which makes coming out as a female atheist pretty threatening. 

So what are your opinions as to why so few women and minorites are atheists?
Item Number: SCP-[----] "Bloody Mess"
Object Class: SAFE
Special Containment Procedure: Samples of SCP-[----] are to be held a hermetically sealed case #[4902] in Site-[73] biohazard vault. It is only to be removed by LVL-2 researchers or higher for the purposes of testing. Due to item's properties there is no risk of containment breach.

Description : SCP-[----] is a previously unknown chemical agent. When introduced to the bloodstream it serves as a strong and permanent anticoagulant. Effectively shutting down the natural soft tissue healing process of organisms affected by it, eventually resulting increased risk of fatality from internal & external bleeding.
SCP-[----] was discovered after a series of unusual deaths occurred from individuals in [Columbus], New Mexico. [14] deaths all from bleeding out from minor injuries due to acute hemophilia. What was unusual was that none of these individuals were ever diagnosed with hemophilia. [UIU] FBI agents discovered that the only thing the victims had in common was that they all ate at the same restaurant [Miguelito's] Mexican Cuisine. The only sample of SCP-[----] was located in a bottle of [Bloody Mess] Brand Tabasco Sauce.
No brand by that name has been discovered. None of the restaurant staff knew where the bottle came from when questioned. No other anomalies were discovered. A permanent field agent is to monitor the restaurant in case any other samples of SCP-[----] emerge.

It appears that organisms can only be effected only through direct administration of SCP-[----]. Making it non communicable. For more information see {Test [----]-1}.  
As of current there is no means of reversing this effect, however injuries sustained can be treated through the use of anomalous healing agents.
(Testing of curative SCP's to reduce or reverse symptoms from SCP-[----] pending O-5 approval.)
While there is still much research to be done to find any medical application for SCP-[----] it is highly weaponizable. Should any other samples exist it should be a top priority to recover it before it falls into the hands of any groups of interest especially [----- ---------------].

Test [----]-1 Date --/--/--
Subject: Rattus norvegicus (brown rat)
After introducing SCP-[----] to subject [----]-a (female) shows no immediate signs of distress or discomfort. Subject [----]-b (male) is introduced to subject [----]-a's chamber. No observable changes in rodent behavior. After several days the subjects were removed and had blood drawn.
Subject [----]-b despite having copulated with subject [----]-a showed no traces of SCP-[----] in it's bloodstream.
Subject [----]-a upon retraction of the standard vacuum seal needle began hemorrhaging profusely. ("Like poked water balloon" Dr. [Benson]) Only through the application of direct pressure did the bleeding stop and immediately restarted once released. Even after the application of bandages the subject continued to bleed through them until expiration.
Recently read a Huffington Post article about a LifeWay Research survey.
Though the survey had many interesting questions I find the question "how often are your prayers answered?" to which 25% of the respondents believe that all of their prayers are answered all the time.

Ignoring studies on the efficacy of prayer being no better than chance. How deluded and self-centered does a person have to be to believe that their prayers (for what can only be in their self interests) are answered by an all powerful deity every time?

This has always fascinated me that people today claim miracles occur through prayer and site some personal anecdote </i>"my aunt was going blind and we prayed for her and after her lasik surgery she can see again"</i>, and yet thousands of children die of starvation each day?

There is also the important question about god "why won't god heal amputees?"
A dissection of religious apologetics.

Description of video by AronRa

This is a response to "God vs. Atheism: Which is More Rational?"
The first thing I have to point out is that it's not God vs atheism; it's theism vs atheism. God isn't involved in this because God doesn't exist. And it's not which one is MORE rational; it's which one is rational at all, and which one is wholly irrational. 
Some months ago, I said I wouldn't do any more pwnage videos because I wouldn't waste any more time responding to anyone who didn't have a significant negative impact on the community at-large. Then Dr. Peter Kreeft made a video attacking atheists with the same fallacious arguments typical of amateur trolls. He misrepresents both his own position and ours with the lies of equivocation and projection, by pretending that assuming baseless conclusions doesn't require faith, but that NOT believing all that unsupported nonsense somehow DOES require faith. 
It's bad enough that he does this as a professor of philosophy at Boston college, but here he is representing Prager University. A quick look at Prager University's website shows that they're nothing more than a right-wing conservative propaganda machine. They have multiple 'courses' against feminism and social justice, liberals and education, and they promote unregulated free-market capitalism and prioritize military spending and defense of Israel. After reviewing their list of 'courses', I was actually surprised that I didn't see any on climate-change denial or any arguments against vaccination. Maybe next semester? So yeah, they deserve it.
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1. What is you real name? 

Chonner I guess? It was the first thing that can to my mind when asked. I made up my last name "Mujeog" to reflect my apparent Korean heritage.
2. What is your Age?
Twenty something. Don't really know when I was born?
3.  What's your favorite food?
Authentic Mexican and buffalo wings. 
4. Favorite drink
5. do you have a crush, come on tell us?
I don't crush really. Fleeting infatuations or slight attractions that are inevitably stifled or dismissed.
6. Have you kissed them?
................................................................. *a silent sad expression crosses his face*
7.What is your favorite color!
Don't really have one. 
8. Favorite author?
Mmh... I don't know.? Chuck Palanuik or however it's spelled seems to commonly come up on female dating profiles so I sometimes say him.

9. What do you fear most? 
Never dying. *said in a serious tone*
10. do you have any Siblings?
No. Come to think of it I don't really know anything about my families whereabouts? I usually just say they died in a car crash. *stated without any concern*
11. do you have any Heroes?
Ironically as someone surrounded by "heroes" I don't really have one.
12. Any arch-enemies?
Most opponents consider me nonthreatening. I also have a habit of killing anyone that I feel is to dangerous to live.
13. What would you do if your hero and archenemy met?
14. What if you met your creator?
I don't believe in one and if there is one responsible for this existence it either impotent, indifferent or malicious. And probably try to kill it.
15. "what will you do when you grow up?
I'm a single male twenty something in a work release program (against my will) for a clandestine organization tasked in the retrieval and containment of anomalous entities/activity.
*said with the utmost sincerity*
So I don't know?
16. "worst nightmare?" 
Being the last living person. *said as he glances down with an expression of dire contemplation*
17. What is your life long dream
Having a normal life.
18. what if you succeed? 
It would probably just end up being a dream.
19.What is the best spot to relax for you?
My room/prison cell.

20.What do you do in most of your free time? 
Play online games.

21. We're done! Now tag whoever you want.


United States
Current Residence: Surf shack in Jersey
Favourite genre of music: Rock in general don't care too much about dividing it into subgenres.
Favourite photographer: ?
Favourite style of art: I like the japanese and european styles mixed together.
Operating System: ?
MP3 player of choice: ipod
Shell of choice: Shotgun
Wallpaper of choice: Whatever art is more bitchin than my last wallpaper.
Skin of choice: Someone elses
Favourite cartoon character: Zorak and GIR
Personal Quote: ...

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